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Curtis Wilson


Curtis Wilson is Baltimore based filmmaker interested in redefining the misinterpreted reputation that his hometown has been given both nationally and globally. Since graduating from Towson University and receiving his B.A. in Electronic Media and Film, Curtis has been a catalyst in helping local businesses market and brand themselves for a greater audience. His company Gold Street Productions has produced marketing material for over 50 Maryland based companies. Curtis Wilson’s passion for entrepreneurship, film, and media is what led him to expand into teaching. After joining Wide Angle Youth Media as a Production Apprentice, he knew that becoming a Co-Lead Video instructor for the MediaWorks program was his calling. “I want to be the mentor I didn’t have when I was younger. I want to show these young adults that there is more to working in the arts and with skill and perseverance they too can attain success!”



Brandon Towns


Brandon Towns is a Baltimore city native whose background comes in visual arts. Through both still photography & videography, Brandon hopes to tell not only portray his world view through his work but to also shed light on the often over looked beauty of his home town. Once a student at Wide Angle Youth media, he is now currently studying screen writing and animation, at Morgan State University. While working on his education he has cohesively made strides in entrepreneurship. Often freelancing for various notable figures and brands, he has become quite reputable for his age and skill in his field. Brandon’s main focus is to grow and become a greater version of himself as well as provide others with opportunity & inspiration to be better.